Lonely Spaces

No matter where I go, I always feel attracted by these abandoned places, that exudes calm, tranquility, peace. In this serie, I started to depict the feeling of loneliness. Hear the silence of the deserted spaces, but human is never far away. Sometimes nature takes its place, or is erased by our activity.

At this time, I was mainly driven by emotions that those places produced to me. I tried to capture these delicate moments when tension emerges. I like to keep a secret by capturing an image: if I try to find the artifice concealed behind the subject, there would be no more magic, and I would look at it in a different way. Thus, there is often an element of mystery unrevealed, sometimes melancholy, keeping the dream alive. On the other hand, the more I walked the more I was able to isolate subjects from resentment, in order to extract their pure essence. It helped me to concentrate more on what I see: shapes, colors, dynamic, symmetry… : a graphic composition. Ultimately, the emotional lexicon get visually translated in the composition, and vice versa : they feed each other.